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Start in the horse stance and have your partner in a stance that will best balance your weight. Feel your foot connections evenly balanced between all six points. Then, keeping your foot connections evenly balanced simply lean back and lower your center slightly. After you feel the burn or flow starting, check your foot points and make sure you are evenly balanced. If you are, just twist a foot or shift around your edges slightly until the burn turns into a flow. If these efforts don't turn the burn into a flow raise your center slightly. Once you have learned how to turn the burn into a flow it is time to move this energy up your body. To do this you will need to align your leg triangle with your torso triangle. Start by pulling your stomach muscles from their lowest point in the pelvic area tight against your spine. Then shift your lower pelvis forward. Feel your tail bone and point it at your front body triangulation point. This will bring the energy into your pelvic region. If you have lower back problems, like I did, this is very stimulating. It might take a while to work through the blockages but eventually you can move this energy up your spine. Using your shoulders and arms to lengthen your spine, stretch and move until you feel the earth's energy releasing up your spine.