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Scepter is about connecting, people to the earth,
people to each other, and people to themselves.

Theory and Disclaimer


Scepter is a game, tool, process and exercise that will help you discover and strengthen your center's connection to the earth. Scepter involves triangulation for centered balance and gravity for resistance. Scepter helps you explore the balanced edge of your own mobility. Scepter, the exercise, is a great way to work through injuries or pain. In fact, this whole process was discovered after a car accident that ruptured an L5-S1 disk. Scepter, between two people, can be played aggressively or passively, it can be challenging or relaxing. Scepter will use every muscle in your body, especially what I call the long muscles, which is the synergy of many muscles working together. Scepter will strengthen your center, increase your chi (energy), and develop a strong balanced connection to the earth. It will do all of this while you are having fun. It is an excellent way to discover and feel another person's energy and how that energy affects your own connection. Scepter, the game, will teach you how to deal with an attack to your center, how to remain stable, take control and use an attack for your own advantage.


Scepter can be very physical, it is up to you. Proper warm up is required. It takes the strength of a wrestler combined with the finesse of a ballerina. If you do not posses these two traits you should begin carefully and slowly to avoid injury. Play gently until you fully understand the principles of Triangulation, Sceptercise, and Horse Stance.