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Gravity, supposedly the weakest of the supernatural forces, can be as exhilarating as it can be brutal. The following exercises strive to achieve a blend between the body (our energy) and gravity (earth energy). As this blending occurs it can literally start your own fire. Those of you who pursue your sport to the fullest know of this exhilarating burn. That real chemical reaction that occurs at the cellular level, powering the pistons of our movement.

When our stored energy combines with our breathing giving movement to our consciousness, that is what I call, "burning your own fire". The following exercises turn the burn into a flow of energy that you can feel and move throughout your body. This flow of energy can heal, strengthen and align the body. Before you try these movements you must first know the horse stance, triangulation and the exercise. You should be aware that your body is energy and that the earth is energy. You should strive for a blend of these energies. Lastly, it is air that allows fire to burn. Deep full long breaths burn the cleanest. Don't forget that you are exhaling waste, so fully empty your lungs before inhaling again. I can not encourage you enough to keep a focus on your breathing.