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The first time you do this exercise it is best to be alone with no distractions such as music. You want to hear all the creaks and cracks of your body and your surroundings. You must first know the horse stance and triangulation. This exercise utilizes the area where the body counter balances on gravity as the focal point for energy. This is where "burning your own fire" turns into the steam for locomotion. You use one set of muscles to sit down and another to stand back up, therefore perfect flow is achieved when both sets of muscles are working together, holding you in this in-between state. The struggle should be in turning the fires into controlled burns and burns into the flow of energy transforming itself. The flow of the planet, life to food, food to fuel, fuel to movement. Each breath brings oxygen giving back carbon dioxide; it is in these points of change that I feel creation lives.

Assume the horse stance and open yourself to gravity, embrace it. Place one end of the Scepter on the floor out in front of your forward body triangulation point. Hold the other end of the Scepter in your hands, for balance, not support. As slowly as possible rotate around your edges starting at your ankles. If you feel pain in any area as you work up avoid it directly but discover the edges of the pain. Move this rotation up to your knees, then up to your pelvic bone. Pretend you are drawing a circle on the floor with whatever part you are rotating from. Work your way up until you are rotating with your whole body. The slower you move the better for all of these rotations.

Once you have discovered the edges of pain slowly start trying to extend your mobility into these edges. I have even felt something similar to electric shock in areas such as my knees in certain positions, if you feel this you are too low, raise your center and rotate again until you can rotate a full circle without losing control to the pain.

The first time I did this I was moaning and groaning and at one point yelling to work through and around the pain. Afterwards my legs started shaking uncontrollably. The uncontrollable shaking is better if you allow and encourage it. During this shaking my body feels like it is realigning itself with the planet. Keep your knees unlocked at all times while doing this exercise to facilitate flow.